Monday, 19 August 2013


So today is my birthday and it has been SO amazing! 
Here's the little story of it for you, the only negative of the story is that my parents camera was lost/stolen today so we lost all the pictures unfortunately. But I have my memories of today so that's all that matters!

My parents woke me up at 7.30 with a cup of tea in my Alton Towers smiler mug (pictured above). I went to Alton Towers three times this year already and it is one of my favourite places in the world. It's somewhere I associate with happiness and excitement, so you can imagine my delight this was my birthday treat today! To ride the smiler again and have a day in the magical atmosphere! Everyone came into my bedroom with my presents and cards and we all sat down armed with tea. By the way, I am staying at my parents house for my birthday!
 There was cards sent to me by relatives and friends and my brother made me a lovely card with a limerick and my sister made me a beautiful patch work card. It then got down to present opening! I got some wonderful presents this year! My brother got me a bottle of southern comfort (my favourite alcoholic drink), my sister got me a lovely DVD and my parents lodger bought me Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber perfume, which is amazingly lovely. My parents bought me an amazing birthday hamper full of all my fave foods! Think pop tarts, fanta, chocolate, Percy pigs etc, so naughty but so yummy! The best thing they bought me was GORGEOUS Michael Kors Rose Gold watch. 
It's so handsome isn't it? I have to take it to the jewellers to get some links removed but then I will be able to wear it properly.
 I then got ready to go to Alton Towers. This is a shameless selfie I took of me and my little sister pulling a stupid face. 

We stopped for McDonalds breakfast (my favourite unhealthy breakfast!) on the way before reaching Alton Towers at about half past ten. It was heaving but I didn't mind because all I wanted to do was go on the smiler again which we had fast track for anyway. None of the rest of my family had been on it either, so it was exciting for them. It was lovely because my Dad took the day off work, but unfortunately my little brother had to work today, as he has the weekend off to go to Reading Festival. 
 We got on quite a few rides. We started off with air, for my dad as he wanted to to go on last time he came (my 9th Birthday, I'm 20 today) but is children were too short. We went single rider so we could get on faster and we got on almost straight away which was awesome and my mum, sister and I were all on the same ride, so got to meet my dad at the end. Whilst at Air we bought a £5 refillable drinks capsule for the day (worth the £5).
 We headed to Nemesis next (my favourite rollercoaster there) which my dad has wanted to go on since seeing the adverts in 1994! He loved it of course and said it was a fantastic ride. We only queued for half an hour or so, which made it even better!
 We next got the skyride to 'Cloud Cuckoo Land' and went on Hex which we all loved even though it scares me! We were going to go on Rita or Th13teen but the queues were really long, and we wanted to leave by four to get to our dinner reservations. Unfortunately, coming off Hex my dad got stung by a wasp, which is when I think he must have dropped the camera. Of course we don't blame him for leaving the camera considering how brave he was about the wasp. Especially as he's a Tigers supporter (ha, rugby pun). 
 We split up at this point as my mum REFUSED to go on Oblivion, so me and my dad headed for Oblivion whilst my mum and sister went on 'sonic spinball' which I can take or leave to be honest. Oblivion is the only ride at Alton Towrrs that actually makes me apprehensive and I get such a huge adrenaline rush from it. It was my dads first ever ride from it and he loved it and said he was so glad he went on it but wouldn't have been able to do it straight away again. 
  Our smiler fast track passes were for 15:15 to 16:15 so as it was only 14.50 my sister and I headed for Enterprise, anticipating a 10-15 minute queue, which it would have been if there wasnt only one poor girl on her own doing EVERYTHING, so we queued for about 30-45 minutes. The actual ride was good as me and my sister just sang one direction over and over! 
  We ended the day on the beast itself- The Smiler. As we had fast pass tickets we queued for 5 minutes before going straight on. Amazing considering I queued three hours a few months ago! We all loved it, but agreed that the Rip, Ride Rockit in Florida is better only because it is more spread out and has better theming. 
 We left Alton Towers at fourish before heading home to pick up my brother before heading to Nottingham for my birthday meal. We went to 'Red Hot buffet' amazing because the theming and food is amazing! It's like an airport, so when you walk in you have to 'check on' before heading to departures where you are taken to your table. Luckily as we had booked we got one of the special tables, which is a booth like being in an aeroplane. You sit on old fashioned aeroplane seats in what looks like inside an aeroplane, it's so fun! 
  The actual food is of a really high quality and the buffet stations are so detailed as well. It was so fun and impressive. I would highly recommend it. I'm so full now it should be illegal. 
 Now I'm back home, exhausted but ecstatic, tucked up in bed with my favourite boy. 
  Today has been incredible, I'm so blessed and happy to have such a lovely and generous family.

Hope your having a wonderful night
Nelly xxx

P.s. let me know if you like diary kind of posts!

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