Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Get to know me, lets go back to Myspace.

 Do you remember doing these on Myspace bulletins back-in-the-day? I do, I used to LOVE doing them, probably because I like talking about myself so much (joking...maybe). I was a bit addicted to Myspace and it was the ultimate diss if you were dropped a position on someone's 'Top Friends' list. Then facebook came along and in 2007 I got sucked in because I could throw sheep at people. Anyone remember that from facebook? I can't remember when they stopped that profile-app-thing but that was the main lure. I also had a virtual aquarium, ahh those were the days!

This was my profile picture on myspace. Lord, my nose looks big here!

And this is what I look like now, not much has changed, eh?

Anyway, no more reminiscing! Time to get to the nitty gritty, time to get to know the real me. 

Name: Nelly
Nicknames: Nells, possibly? 
Birthday: 19/08, its close!
Place of Birth: Ashford, Kent. Wish I still lived down south.
Star Sign: Leo.
Occupation: Student and Bodyshop worker. The shop, not a garage.


Hair colour: Naturally brown, but I have blonde ends. 
Hair length: Relatively long, but not quite the long luscious locks I'm aiming for yet after the terrible chop of '07.
Eye colour:  Brown, how dull. 
Best feature: Weirdly, I quite like my nose (minus old myspace picture). 
Braces: I wanted them, but my teeth are too straight. (Oh boo hoo).
Piercings: I have my ears and nose done, but don't tend to wear piercings much anymore.
Tattoos: Two magpies on a branch on my back.
Righty of Lefty: Politically or hand wise? Ones right, ones left, I'll let you guess which order. 


Best friend: Still my best friend, lovely lady called Mollie. 
Award: Probably a five metre swimming badge in all honesty, as much as I would like to say something more interesting.
Sport: The first 'team' I was on was the football team in year 5. Apart from that I think I went to gymnastics once or twice.
Concert: Steps! When I was nine, my mum bought me a new skirt from a shop called Adams, unfortunately closed down now.


Film: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
TV Show: Dads Army, Only Fools and Horses, Friends, Gavin and Stacey and Peep Show.
Colour: Red, Freud would have something to say I'm sure.
Song:  American Pie by Don McClean. I swear I'm under 60. 
Restaurant: Chain Restaurant, Prezzo. 
Store: Bodyshop of course!
Book: Harry Potter. But if they are excluded 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood. 
Magazine: Erm, I suppose Glamour Magazine.
Shoes: My handmade slippers.


Feeling: Rather tired.

Single or Taken: Single, just come out of a messy three year relationship. 
Eating: I just cooked an amazing dinner! Pork chop with home made guacamole, mashed sweet potato and swede and asparagus. So yummy!
Listening to: The sound of silence. Not the song.
Thinking about: Buying a cafetiere. 
Watching: Nothing, but the last thing I watched was 'I can't even' Geek Week edition. 
Wearing:  Primark pyjamas with a new look jumper. 


Want Children: Undecided. I like the idea of them, but they are sticky and smelly and ergh. 
Want to be married: Ideally.
Careers in mind: Teacher, Police, Novelist, Rugby Player...
Where do you want to live: London for a bit before moving back to Kent to settle down. 

Do you believe in: 

God: I'm very definite Agnostic. 
Miracles: Not really. 
Love at First Sight: No, lust at first sight more like. 
Ghosts: I hate to say it, but yes.
Aliens: Well, we can't be the only life form in the universe.
Soul Mates: No. 
Kissing on the first date?: Why not?
Yourself: Sometimes. 

So that is it! I would love to get to know you as well! Why not send me a tweet or message? 
I hope your having a wonderful day/night. 
Nelly xxx

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